How To Make A Friend (In 10 Days) – Free eBook

Greetings, fellow bondChristians!

I’m insanely excited to (finally) announce the release of my first ebook: How to Make a Friend (in 10 Days). Sign up below, and I’ll send you a copy right quick.

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What? You didn’t already sign up?

All right, enough simply telling you what to do. I suspect some of you aren’t quite as trusting. So a little more info…

How to Make a Friend (in 10 Days) is definitely not for everyone. If you want nod-in-agreement quotes, check my Twitter stream. If you’re looking for more general content, subscribe to the blog. But if you want to challenge yourself to make a friend on purpose and are willing to put in a ton of effort for a week and a half, go ahead and grab the ebook.

Most of the content isn’t original. You’ve done all this before. The difference is that I’ve structured it into a 10-day process instead of the usual willy-nilly, accidental friending.

What you’ll get in How to Make a Friend (in 10 Days)

  • My top 10, best practices for making friends quickly and on purpose
  • A practical, step-by-literal-step pattern for applying those practices to make a friend in 10 days
  • Word for word templates so you know exactly what to say (or at least have examples to experiment with)
  • Daily checklists to keep you moving in the right direction
  • Oh, okay… there might be a few of those inspirational quotes too (how could I resist?)
  • Bonus: An additional “11th day” with tips on how to continue after the first 10 days
  • EXTRA bonus: Access to the bondC newsletter with even more suggestions for making friends and serving others

Over the next week or so, I’m planning to post about friendship, its importance, and a couple tips that didn’t make it into the ebook. If you don’t think the course is for you, no worries… come on back throughout the week, and I’ll continue my usual posting.

For the rest of you, happy friending…

Serving Suggestions:

(1) Grab your copy of How to Make a Friend by filling in your contact info up top and then confirming that you want me to send it to you.

(2) Read it, live it.

(3) Give us a play by play here. I always appreciate your comments, but would especially like to hear your first impressions all the way through to how it works out for you.

(4) Finally, and I know it’s a stretch to have four Serving Suggestions… but if you enjoy the ebook and think others would benefit as well, share it. Thanks, and as the homeless say, “God bless.” :)

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