Testimony Revolution: How to rock the ultimate story – eBook

Hello, hello, fellow bondChristians!

I’m thrilled to announce yet another bondC ebook for you to check out: Testimony Revolution: How to rock the ultimate story.

No sign up necessary for this one. ‘Tis completely free. Just click the link below to view it, or right click and then download it to your computer:

Testimony Revolution download

[You should be able to view this on all computers with Adobe Reader installed.]

I’ve wanted to publish this ebook for a while now, but I finally had the discipline to sit down and churn it out. Most of the material in it is compiled from some of my most popular posts from back in the day. I edited some of it to keep it current and added a few parts. I think you’ll enjoy it.

The goal overall with it is to inspire you to create an amazing testimony.

What you’ll get in Testimony Revolution

  • The fundamental shift that allows you to create the material in your testimony instead of just using whatever happened to have happened
  • 8 detailed steps for breaking a general concept into practical milestones you can hit
  • 25+ tips for living a remarkable life that people will actually want to hear about
  • The 4 things you need to include for your testimony to best do its job and influence people for Christ
  • Bonus: A brief guide for finding friends to practice your testimony with
  • Plus, a couple other surprises…

Happy reading! :)

Serving Suggestions:

(1) Download your copy and read it.

(2) If you enjoy it, I’d really appreciate it if you’d share it with your friends. You can send them to this post or just give out the ebook directly. Thanks.

(3) I’d love to hear some examples from your testimony. Share in the comments.

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