The bondC guide to slavery

Ah yes, the ever fun topic of slavery. As you know, I have a different take on this than most people. Hence, the “bond” in bondChristian.

I shared some of my thoughts on this in a series a while back but never compiled the posts in one place. So that’s what I’m doing here: providing a list for you to find the series and learn more about slavery, the “Jesus is Lord” variety.

It’s a turn off for some Christians, but it’s helped me understand my relationship to Jesus and how He’s more than my Savior: He’s my Lord. That’s a perspective many Christians, including me, have trouble applying.

So enter…

A guide to slavery

Serving Suggestions:

(1) Some of the posts in this series are long. I suggest reading them one at a time, not all at once.

(2) If you were God’s slave, how would your life be different from what it is right now? If God were Lord, not just Savior, what would you do differently? Live like that. Make that your resolution.

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