What do you say? Say, “Thank you.”

Just a quick reminder to say, “Thank you.” It’ll put you in the top 10% at least.

[Click here to watch if you’re in RSS or email.]

Serving Suggestions:

(1) The example from the video: thank every single person who mentions you on Twitter. Same with Facebook and every other site you like.

(2) Thank people for doing things for you, even if you expect them to: like the man who sells you vegetables or the woman who babysits your kids. (It’s a little like creating a list of reasons other people can be thankful except that you share that list.)

(3) Thank people for doing things for other people, not just for doing things for you: like the guy who vacuums the church or the customer service lady who handles the crazy customer well.

(4) You can email people, call them, write them a Thank You note, speak with them in person… the channels are open if you are.

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