I thought I dedicated my life to God—until I measured it

As a bondChristian, I’m called to accept Jesus not just as my Savior but also as my Lord. That’s easy for me to claim, but does my life reflect that? How have I dedicated my live?

The measurements are scary, and not in a good way.

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  • How much money do you make? What percentage of that goes directly back to serving God?
  • There are 168 hours in each week. What percentage of your week goes directly back to serving God?
  • What do you own? How much of that goes directly toward serving the Lord?
  • How many friends to do you have? How many of those connections directly serving God?

Serving Suggestions:

(1) How can you change those percentages? How would your life have to change in order to move from, say, 10% to 60% or from 40% to 80%?

(2) Take it one at a time. Choose the one area that motivates you the most, the area where you can see the most immediate progress, and get started. More on the practical side soon.

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