Marshall Jones Jr.“Hi – howdy – welcome to bondChristian.com…

My name is Marshall Jones Jr., and I am so insanely excited you’re here (come on, look at that grin)!


As the tag line implies, bondChristian.com is all about serving others.

The aim is to teach you how to encourage and provide value for those around you. The site also helps you cultivate intense thankfulness so you actually want to serve others.

Unlike other Christian sites, bondChristian might be for you if…

  • You’ve been a Christian for a while but still feel you have to strain to serve God or other people
  • You feel buried in information but don’t know how any of it really applies to life
  • You’re tired of “Christian” blogs that focus on “personal development” and want to instead start reaching out to build disciples

I filter everything through practicality and others-orientedness. This means you won’t have to guess how to live what you learn and you can immediately apply it to benefit others and create a lasting difference.

Marshall Jones Jr.

My father is a Pastor, but I’m a Christian Anyway… I’m planning to write a memoir with that title. For now, I’m building a platform. My goal is to encourage people to live thankfully, progress to an others-oriented lifestyle, and radically serve others.

I started bondChristian.com in September 2008, but after some setbacks (read: hackers), I relaunched in December 2009.

Here are three of my most popular posts:

My personal favorite, though, is Why serve others.

Other than writing and teaching, I enjoy barefoot jogging (when it’s not snowing in Louisville), playing Ultimate Frisbee or drums, and drinking carrot juice. I once tried growing dreadlocks, but that’s another story.

Check out the site. Mine the archives. Leave a comment (I respond to every, single one).

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Finally, I’ve also written an Authenticity Policy, which explains some of the technical details of how this site serves you (if you’re really interested).

Serving Suggestions

You know those strawberries on the cereal boxes? In fine print at the bottom, the box usually says, “Serving suggestions.” It says that because the strawberries don’t actually come with the cereal. You have to add that part on your own.

That’s what Serving Suggestions are here too. At the end of each post, I include practical ideas to help you start applying the lessons to life. I provide the suggested action, but like the strawberries you have to add it on your own.

So with that, it’s back to you…

Thank you so much for giving me your attention. I hope you enjoy this site – I’m looking forward to meeting you.

-Marshall Jones Jr.

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