The grand, bondC tour

Some of you have been around since the early days in 2008. Others just dropped in. Either way, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the archives and the site format.

So this tour will show you around the place and help you get acquainted with the site and community as quickly as possible.

Even in this tour, though, there’s a lot of content. So don’t bother trying to tackle it all at once or even in order. Instead, I suggest scanning what’s here and clicking to read only the sections that interest you at first. Once you get a feel for things, you can go back and read everything if you like.

But that’s just my suggestion. Take it however you want. Enjoy!

The essential, bondC posts

These are hand-picked posts that I think give the best introduction for what bondChristian is all about:

The bondC series

I’ve run a number of series to dig deeper into certain topics. Here’s a list of all of them so far:

The bondC ebooks

The ebooks are in PDF format and are free for you to download and share (you have to sign up for the free newsletter to get How to Make a Friend). Click through to read more about each of them and get your copies:

The bondC categories:

You can find these links in the header under the bondChristian logo. They can help you navigate through the different forms of posts here:

  • Articles & Tutorials: These posts teach you how to do stuff, all the strategies, tactics, and motivation for serving others. This is where you learn about slavery and the others-oriented lifestyle.
  • Interviews & Case studies: These posts take what we learn and see it applied to everyday life. So here I include all the interviews I do with others along with my own observations and experiments.
  • Video & Audio: These posts are a mix of the previous two categories as far as content, but they’re not presented in text. Check here for the sound bites.

The bondC pages

If you’ve made it this far down, then you might be interested in some of the site’s background:

  • About: A little about who I am
  • FAQ: Frequently asked questions about bondChristian and me (coming soon…)
  • Archives: A reverse chronological list of every posts published here
  • Elsewhere: A list of guest posts I’ve had published on other blogs
  • Resources: (Coming soon…)
  • Right-less writing: The official announcement that the content here is uncopyrighted and available for you to use however you want
  • Authenticity Policy: Legal stuff about what I do behind the scenes here
  • Contact: The best way to get in touch with me directly

Serving Suggestions

You know those strawberries on the cereal boxes? In fine print at the bottom, the box usually says, “Serving suggestions.” It says that because the strawberries don’t actually come with the cereal. You have to add that part on your own.

That’s what Serving Suggestions are here too. At the end of each post, I include practical ideas to help you start applying the lessons to life. I provide the suggestions, but – like the strawberries – you have to do it on your own.

So if you’ve read all the way down here without reading any of the other posts, then this is my first serving suggestion for you…


By taking a simple action today – totally free – I can keep you up to date with all the new posts for the site. Lately, I haven’t been posting as frequently, usually only about once a week. So instead of having to check back on the site, I can let you know when the new posts are up. It’s really the best way to keep in touch.

To do that, click here to visit the subscribe page and learn about all your options.

Again, this is my first serving suggestion. If you enjoy this site and want to continue learning about serving others, please sign up. It means a lot to me, and I think you’ll learn a ton:

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